About Rozbeh Zavari [Film Director & Architecture Photographer]

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Who is Rozbeh Zavari [Film Director & Architecture Photographer Denmark]?

Well, today I work both as a film director and architecture photographer Denmark – but how did I get here?.

Born to Feyli-Kurdish parents in 1987 Iraq, my parents had to flee with me two to three years after, because of the war between Iran & Iraq. After a long journey of two years, we finally settled at the refugee camp Sandholm in Denmark.

After a while we were placed in Tønder, where I attended a German school [Ludwig Andresen Schule]. In 2006 I finished high school and moved to Aarhus to study Archaeology, which I stopped two years later. I attended Potemkin Film School in 2010 and finished both the undergraduate programme and masterclass.

Since finishing Potemkin Film School, I’ve been working as a film director and made various film productions.

See “Ghetto Circus – Palestine”│Short documentary about a Danish circus going to Palestine to share knowledge and laughter.

Later I found my passion for architecture photography, which I’ve been pursuing since.

See some of my selected architecture photography.

For inquiries regarding architecture photography, films, scripts, post production or creative opportunities, please contact at: rozbeh@rzavari.com

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