Personal Workflow│(From beginning to end)

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As a Director I have knowledge of pre-production, scriptwriting, cinematography, editing, sound editing, and colour grading, to make a film.

With that said, I also work with cinematographers, editors, etc., to make films, commercials or music video’s – therefore there are no limits to what we can create.

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  • Pre-production

    In Pre-production I will talk with the client in terms of style, structure, and storyline – I will also take some reference videos with me, so we can agree on a style/look. After the first meeting, I will spend a week (5-7 days) writing a treatment/script along with images. I get back together with the client, after the week, to confirm the script. Then the storyboard and floor plan will be made (2-3 days). While the storyboard is being made, a production plan will be made too, for the days on-set (for crew mostly).

    (Pre-production can vary from production to production, depending on how much storyline there is)

  • Production

    Production / On-set depends on the production plan. But everything will be done in one day – unless arrangements/events are spread out on different days, then, of course, it will be necessary to shoot at different times.

  • Post-production

    After having shot everything, we move on to Post-production, where the video files will be given to the editor. The first thing to do from here is to sort out the material and synchronize (+ noise removal) clips (if necessary) before we can start editing (1 day). The editor will finish the first draft within the first week (3-5 days), to show the client.

Post-production process:

  • 1.Draft (Rough Draft)

    Video structure with music – following the script/storyboard (With a little: Interview/ Voice-over/Effects) – (3-5 days).

  • 2.Draft

    Editing will be tightened (perhaps following the music – depending on the style) and interviews/voice-over will be placed (2-3 days).

  • 3.Draft

    Looking at the overall editing flow of the video and last changes made before colour grading (1-2 days).

  • Sound editing

    Sound editing will be done after finishing 3.Draft, to make the sound and voices crisper (1 day).

  • Final Draft

    Last chance for changes before making end-credits and exporting the video to the agreed video format (1 day).