Personal Workflow│(From beginning to end)

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As a Director I have knowledge of pre-production, scriptwriting, cinematography, editing, sound editing, and colour grading, to make a film.

With that said, I also work with cinematographers, editors, etc., to make films, commercials or music video's – therefore there are no limits to what we can create – from drone operator to special effects, it is more a question of costs.


There are three processes that make up the complete workflow.

Video production process, Video production process image, movie production process, film production process, pre production postproduction pre production,


I have my own equipment for filming, sound, and editing. I shoot on a Canon 5D Mark II and a BlackMagic 2.5K Cinecamera – also for the sound I use external microphones and a recorder, to get the best quality to work with. For interviews, I also have micro-ports. Editing, FX, sound editing and colour grading is all done with Adobe programmes – Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects – I primarily work on Mac.

Promo Video Treatment:

The goal is to write a single document that defines the concept of the video and summarizes the creating approach to be taken. Usually, this can be as short as a single page. The best part of making a treatment is that it formalizes the creative process.

E.g. on an Architecture promo video treatment:

  1. Concept: 

EXT shoot (view from the street). People walking and using the space. The interviewer talks about the building, while images of the INT of the building are shown to the audience alongside the interview.

Two parts make out the architecture promo video production:

  1. Interviews
  2. Footage that shows the architecture from outside to inside and how the space is being used.

Colour / Tone:   

Neutral/Warm colours – Bright. (My cameras use a flat colour profile, so they can be colour corrected properly and afterwards colour graded correctly, like in films – Colour and tones will be suited to the mood of the building).

Video length:  

1-3 min. (Depending on agreement)


Getting logo and accreditation information from client, if necessary.

Video Ref Suggestion:  (City of Westminster College)  (Son Brull Hotel&Spa)


I shoot all interviews with two cameras, to get a better dynamic in editing and not to bore the audience. Also the effect they use in the Son Brull Hotel&Spa ( is a great way to keep the audience interested and also a great way to show more in less minutes, so I would suggest to do that as an effect.